Beard has been associated with various traits throughout history. Our prehistoric ancestors used their facial hair for warmth and as a tool for intimidation. In recent history, beards have been used as a symbol of masculinity, royalty and as a status symbol. But today beards have become a fashion statement like no other. Today we bring to you the most definitive list of Beard Styles to help you decide the most appropriate look for yourselves.  Read along as we list out our favourite styles.

1.The Anchor Beard

The anchor beard is a pointed beard that traces the jawline, paired with a moustache. It gets its name from the nautical anchor and hence the shape should resemble one. To style it you shave off the sideburns, let it extend along the jawline and is then shaped to a point on the chin. The point is then connected to a light moustache to make it look like an anchor. The style is most suited for people with prominent jawlines. This beard style is tricky though as it requires a combination of an oblong facial structure and cautious style choices to pull it off.


2. The Chin Curtain

This style was made famous by the likes of Lincoln who sported it himself. The style involves hair to be grown full and long over the jaw and chin, meeting with the sideburns but lacking a moustache. Chin Curtain is most suitable for people with oval shaped faces. The good thing about this look is that it is fairly easy and simple t maintain, unlike other more sophisticated beard styles.


3.The Circle Beard

In simple terms, the circle beard is a chin strap and a moustache that meet to form a circle. Some people also refer to these as goatees but that is incorrect. They are fashioned by shaving the hair off the cheek leaving the hair around the lips and on the chin. The style is perfect for those who have good facial hair growth and want a style more sophisticated and groomed than a full beard. This look enhances the wearers bone structure and makes the features appear sharper than they actually are.

4. The Duck Tail

The ducktail beard is simply a full facial hairstyle that is shaped like a duck’s tail. There are many variations in length and thickness, however, the look does require the hair at the chin to be long and pointed. The style looks good on diamond cut faces and has a reputation for giving a mature look to your style. The look itself says a lot about you as it showcases an element of attention to detail and reckless abandon to let it grow at the same time. Before you shape your hair into a ducktail you will have to grow it out into a full beard though.


5. The French Fork

The Fork is essentially an inverse Ducktail. It takes the style of a Full Classic Beard with the removal of a small triangular patch at the central point of the chin. This results in the beard taking the form of a fork. The style has been made popular by Captain Jack Sparrow, our favourite fictional pirate. 


6. Friendly Mutton Chops

The friendly mutton chops are the most common member of the imperial beards family, that is considered to be a fairly complex family in the beard world. This style features thick growth down the jawline and meets at the moustache and thus has been named ‘friendly’. This style looks good on almost all facial shapes. The style is not widely used today though there have been instances of famous stars sporting the look.


7. The Full Beard

In modern times, growing and rocking a full beard has become an ultimate goal of sorts for people who really care about their facial hair. Though the term full beard refers to any beard that covers the cheeks, jaw, lips and chin. However, the full beard that we talk about here is this one particular style from the above group that is thick and drops down from the face giving it the look of a mane. Growing one of these requires some serious dedication and patience. They are suitable for any face shape provided that you have the growth to pull one off.


8.  The Garibaldi

If you are looking for a slightly unkempt style, this is the look for you. Garibaldi is a close relative of the full beard that is much more macho. It is ideally grown full and then rounded at the bottom and has a moustache to go with it. It is ideally 20cms or lesser in length and looks good on all facial shapes. To complete the look one must keep the moustache neatly groomed but the beard can be allowed to go all wild and natural.


9. The Hollywoodian

The style gets its name from Hollywood of course as the actors of the golden era were particularly very fond of it. Hollywoodian beard is a combination of a moustache connected to the beard minus the sideburns, usually with a shaved neck. This style defines a strong jawline without detracting from other facial features. It is most suited for people with prominent cheekbones.


10.  Mutton Chops

The mutton chops beard is so named because it resembles a chopped mutton rib, shaped properly. This style comprises of extended sideburns chopped along the lower jawline and growing down to the chin. Due to its peculiar shape, you have to be extremely careful when shaping it. It is essentially an inverse of the circle beard. The style has been made famous by the character of Wolverine in the movies.


11.  The Short Boxed

A short boxed beard is similar to a full beard but has thin, neatly trimmed sides and is significantly shorter. This style compliments a wide array of hairstyles and is fairly formal.  The Boxed style uses the face’s natural hairlines for contours and can enhance the angles of the wearer’s face without resorting to excessive styling. it is comparatively easier to maintain and grows within two to four weeks. The style looks good on all facial shapes.

12. The A La Souvarov

This style is a sideburn and moustache combo where the sideburns curve downward toward the corner of the mouth and then curve upwards into the moustache. The look is easier seen than described. It is a highly refined look, although it can be a challenge to pull off due to the deft sculpting work required to get the shapes right.


13. The Stubble

This beard style is just perfect for those who want to rock the rugged look with a classy restraint. It is also perfect for those who are not blessed with an abundance of facial follicles.  Apart from making you look classy, this look greatly enhances your facial features by accentuating the natural lines of your face. Depending on your rate of growth, the usual stubble takes around a week to grow. The trim occurs around every 2-3 days for most men.


14. The Van Dyke

The Van Dyke is a full Goatee with a floating moustache. The style works well with a huge array of moustaches. The look is characterised by clean edges and a sharp trim. It is especially suitable for people with rounded faces and does not require much effort.


15. The Verdi

The Verdi is a slightly stylish variation of the full beard. The moustache is a vital detail for the Verdi. The look consists of a 10-15cm long beard measured from the lower lip and a disjointed stache. The style requires a lot of grooming but then it looks pretty impeccable. Triangular face shape is the best for pulling off a Verdi.


16. The Zappa

The Zappa is best for men who enjoy a strong beard growth around the lips. The moustache is the signature element here. The look goes with a narrow soul patch. The moustache is trimmed to have precisely linear edges at the top. As it nears the lip it starts to taper. This style is a bit rugged and more on the casual side and looks surprisingly good with long hair.zappa-beard

That was the list of our favourites. Did we miss out on anything? Tell us in the comments below and I will see you in the next post.

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