MINDFULNESS : Experiencing the little things in life

Mindfulness is something very simple and very natural to us. It is our ability to be fully present and aware of our surroundings and our actions, being aware of and attentive to what’s going on inside and outside of our body and the ability to not be overly reactive or inundated by what is happening around us.  It is a way to establish a clear connection to your inner being by paying attention to what you are feeling or doing.little-moments

We all, at some point in our day, experience mindfulness though most of the times unintentionally. To understand it better, Let us do a quick self – evaluation:

  • Do you get distracted while working and think about other things?
  • Have you ever felt that your life is not unfolding as you planned it to?
  • Do you ever feel that there is a  disconnect between your planning and your implementation of things?

If your answer to such questions is yes then yes mindfulness is something you should definitely try to include in your lifestyle.

What does mindfulness help you achieve?

Mindfulness does wonders not only for your belief system but also for your body mechanisms. Listed below are some of its benefits.


One of the most important characteristics of mindfulness is self- awareness. While focusing on the present thoughts and feelings, you are being aware of what is going on in your mind. You start noticing things that affect you and that is the key to self-improvement. You can then work on your belief system and give it the desired direction to become a better you.


Practising mindfulness involves not reacting to situations carelessly. Instead, you take a moment to analyse the problem at hand and come up with the best possible solution. This helps you in maintaining a calm composure and reduces the stress levels to a large extent.


You would notice that whenever you have to perform under pressure, meet deadlines or achieve targets, your mind distracted the most. It gets affected by the smallest of things like the ticking of the clock or chirping of the birds or with mundane worries related to work or your college. This goes to show that our focus is weak. It is only with deliberate effort that we can bring our attention back to the present, and in doing so train our mind to improve its focus. It will take time to get into your habit but all the while it is worth it. Improving your focus is something you should invest your time in.

Mindfulness as an exercise also helps boost your cognitive abilities ( the mental process of acquiring knowledge through senses, feelings and experiences ).


How to go about it?

The simplicity of Mindfulness makes it a great therapeutic exercise. It can be practised anywhere and you do not need formal classes to learn it. You can start right here and right now.

  • Firstly, find yourself a quiet and comfortable place to sit.
  • Start with Breathing at a normal pace and be attentive towards it. Make sure to keep your eyes closed as it helps in preventing visual stimulation.
  • Try to Distinguish the thoughts coming in your mind between SIMPLE ONES (for instance, “I have to go to work tomorrow”) and those ELABORATED WITH EMOTION (“What if I get rejected in the interview and do not get the job. ”)
  • Re-analyze the emotional thoughts as merely your mental projections so that the mind can rest and be calm.
  • If you find yourself distracted, bring your attention back to your breath and start from there.

Practising it for a few minutes every day will suffice. It is that easy and simple. Thus, the article can go on and on to convince you to practice it, but that is not going to change anything. It is YOU who needs to put it into

This article can go on and on to try and convince you to practice it, but that is not going to change anything. It is you who needs to put it in action.The essence of mindfulness cannot be realised merely by a blog post. It is an experience. So try to follow the routine and feel the change within.

Have a great day!

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