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  1. Renee Kemper says:

    These traits are something that is absolutely missing in so many men today. I am not sure where they got lost but being a young lady in her 30’s, raising a young man, I can only hope that I have shown him how important etiquette still is today.

  2. Some great tips and I totally agree that people can take from these. People do need to forget their ego and just be honest with themselves x

  3. wow, I just loved it and feel like sharing to so many so-called “gentlemen” around me. Mostly I see people boasting of their work and this is what I hate the most. Hope people try and follow this code.

  4. Kweni says:

    I grew up in a generation where being a gentleman is starting to fade. In high school, all men have handkerchiefs, offers their seat to those who need it and opens doors for people. When I got into college, those acts were extinct. It’s our role to pass it on to the younger generations to have proper etiquette.

  5. Well said!! I couldn’t agree more that the virtues of chivalry are often dismissed as old fashion or challenged as insincere. It’s an important point that etiquette is more about self respect and the standards we hold ourselves to rather than trying to impress others.

  6. Akamatra says:

    These are great suggestions. I think they apply to both sexes really! It’s not a man’s thing only 🙂

  7. Tayler says:

    I love this article. Everyone could learn from these guidelines! Women could do better with these too.

  8. Tria says:

    I really enjoyed reading this and it is so relevant in today’s context. There is so much that we can learn from this!

  9. Dalene says:

    This is totally a gentleman’s codex guide! In this era where very man is struggling to get to the top, character and etiquette are really put on the line. I loved the point you mentioned about a gentleman having to ignore his ego and help others…well, that is something so rare at the moment. And again, money is not everything! That should not be mistaken since some will go to the extent of disowning the loved ones and such just for money. More gentlemen should read this, and get back on toes.

  10. Geraline Batarra says:

    Those lists are really interesting and I wonder if there is a man doing all of these?! But I am glad that I was being surrounded and grew up by the gentleman they are not able to do all these lists but at least they do some of it. Love the quote!

  11. London Mumma says:

    Men, sit back and take note of this blog post. Some brilliant tips on how to be a true gent.

  12. Sayanti says:

    I guess many men are missing these general etiquette’s nowadays, but there are so many who follow all these and that’s what makes them a true gentleman. I am gonna share this article with all my male friends!

  13. Shay says:

    I wish people realize there are more important things than money. You are right on track with this post! Keep it up

  14. I agree basic manners and etiquette are greatly missing from many men these days. However, I think these long lost traits are missing from society in general and your list could also be applied to women, children etc!

  15. Rachel says:

    These values are so important, not just for gentlemen but they should be values that everyone should try to strive for in life! A little bit of empathy and understanding doesn’t hurt anybody.

  16. I enjoyed reading this post. helpful and informative I would love to learn more.

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