When I propose the idea of dressing well and dressing according to the occasion to my peers, the most common question I encounter is: “Why should we even bother? Nobody cares, Do they?” 

Well to tell you the truth, they do!

The fact that some gentlemen have such a striking sense of style that they leave impressions wherever they go is proof of this fact. While these dapper gentlemen make it look so easy, it seems like a daunting task for the rest of us. This art like any other has a learning curve and that varies from person to person. Today I shall tell you why you should invest your time, effort and even your money in this gentlemanly exercise.


There is a host of reasons as to why you should dress well but its essence can be brought out in a simple sentence.

Dressing Well is a form of good Manners.

It is a very typical practice to pick out the best from our closet whenever we are dressing up for an interview or for the first date or for that matter any occasion that demands us to look our best. Now, there are two reasons why you pick the dress that you wear on these occasions:

  1. You love that dress and like wearing it.
  2. You are trying to look your best to impress the people you are going to be with.

If you read that right, you would have understood that we, humans are social animals and when we dress, we consider other people’s impression of us. This does not mean that we should try to be superficial. But we should bear in mind that when you are not dressed according to the occasion or are badly groomed or wearing shabby clothes, you are hinting that you do not value the time or the opinion of the people who are around you and you are not interested in listening to what they have to say.


Dressing well is a sign of respect to your host and a sign of good upbringing. Well, some people might not care about what you wear or how you dress. But if you are a person who believes in dressing well, it sends out a strong message that ‘You Care!’. Not just about the way you look but also about the people you are with, and that, is saying a lot.


Having said that, let us look at a few disciplines that will acquaint you with what works and what matters.

1. Remember ‘Fitting is King!’:

A piece of clothing that fits you properly is worth more than 10 that do not fit appropriately. A very loose shirt or jacket makes you look sloppy at the very least. Invest in a tailor and get the fittings right. 

2. Learn how to take care of your clothes:

It will not matter how good your clothes are or how well they fit you if they are dirty and unkempt. To keep your wardrobe in order, use hangers and remember to brush and iron your clothes every once in a while. Also, remember to air out your clothes every now and then to prevent odours from setting in.

The Modest Man has a very detailed post on how to take care of your clothes. Do check it out!

3. It is not about the detail but the overall impression:

Most of the men believe that style is all about detail. Gentlemen, you are confusing fashion with style. Fashion to a certain extent lies in the detail but Style is all about the overall impression that you give out. I am not saying that you should not worry about the small details like the colour of your socks or the buckle of your belt. All I am saying is do not make it your first priority. Instead, focus on the right colour combinations for your outfit as a whole and getting the right cut and fit. Worry about the details once you have gotten these right.

Read more: STYLE versus FASHION!


4. Being Uniquely Dressed doesn’t always work: 

A lot of men these days have a misconception about style being unique to everybody. Well, of course, it is unique but not just because of your clothes but the overall personality that you bear. Stemming from this idea a lot of people believe that by just dressing differently, they would stand out in the crowd. Well, they do stand out in the crowd but more often than not for all the wrong reasons. 

5. Don’t forget about Grooming! :

Gentlemen, there is no excuse for a bad haircut or a poorly trimmed beard or a shabby hairstyle. Pay regular visits to your stylist. If you do not know how to groom your facial hair, Learn! It is something you should really invest your time in. Remember, you might have the best wardrobe in the world but a poorly groomed face can always ruin it for you.

6. Find a Colour that suits you and a Perfume that compliments you:

We all have that one colour which suits us more than anything in the world. Find it as soon as you can. Visit your local store and experiment with the outfits until you get it right. Once you know the right hue, try and build your wardrobe around it. Just like the colour, the fragrance you wear also has great aesthetic value. Remember to pick a cologne that compliments your personality.

All said and done, Assembling an outfit is a form of art. when you go to the mart and nonchalantly pick out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, you are actually doing it based on your mood and the occasion you wish to wear it to. So, ultimately it is a reflection of what goes on inside your head. And people out there are always judging you based on what you present to them. Be sure to present a Smart You.

Until Next time!

Signing off.

Yours Truly.

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