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  1. Haha, this is something my husband should read because it is well known that he is slow. It’s not about being lazy but he tends to get out of focus of actual task.

  2. Today is one of those days where although I am struggling to stay productive I have actually done a lot. I agree that setting the most important tasks for when you are most productive is such a good idea.

  3. chandr says:

    The post is very useful and the tips are well covered. Don’t be hard on yourself is the mantra I am still working on.

  4. Yukti says:

    Beautiful tips on how to increase our productivity. I agree with you on all the tips. I always concentrate on my productive time and do most of the work in that time period. Distractions are also the major entity which affects productivity. Lovely post!

  5. We all want to get more done and feel a sense of accomplishment as each day comes to an end. These are nice tips.

  6. Kallia says:

    Productivity is the wildconcept that we need to have plenty of, in order to succeed, in my opinion. But because it is only natural to struggle with it, blog posts like this actually help! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Kimberly C. says:

    What great tips! I was especially drawn to tip 8, since I am constantly thinking I can do better and keep spending time on correcting my work and thinking I’m making it better. It’s a viscous cycle of striving for perfection when it’s never going to be perfect (in my eyes anyways). Tough one.

  8. These are great tips! I love feeling productive, but I tend to stress myself out during the process, so increasing productivity is something I’m working on.

  9. Made Adayasa says:

    Thank for sharing such a valuable post. Happy to read the tips. Trying to ignore the distractions is an interesting point you have made.
    For me it’s so difficult, all the time. I can’t stop the distractions entering my brain ruining my day by destroying my mood.

  10. London Mumma says:

    As you said, In order to be productive, you have to set a realistic time of completing the tasks ahead.

  11. Elizabeth O says:

    Such nice tips to increase our productivity. I agree that setting the most important tasks for us, when we are more productive is such a great idea.

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