Monthly Archive: July 2017


MINDFULNESS : Experiencing the little things in life

Mindfulness is something very simple and very natural to us. It is our ability to be fully present and aware of our surroundings and our actions, being aware of and attentive to what’s going on inside and outside of our body and the ability to not be overly reactive or inundated...



Style and Fashion are more often than not confused for the same thing when in fact the two are in a lot of ways polar opposites of each other. Yves Saint Laurent famously said FASHION FADES, STYLE IS ETERNAL! This simple statement says a lot about the difference between the...



Defining a gentleman on some set parameters is an impossible thing to do because there is not one single complete definition that can describe what it means to be one. It is a very subjective term but still, there are certain attributes that attach themselves to the tag of being a gentleman and any man who wishes to be called one should adhere to the following 10 thumb rules.